Carol’s Statement of Faith

Trauma and God seem like they don't mix. Why would a loving God allow me to go through trauma? What was He thinking? Why do I have chronic illness and pain when God could just take it away?  Why am I suffering today with chronic illness and pain from my trauma? Why didn't God prevent this?

These are all good questions, and they are valid.  In our human way of understanding, it is important to ask those questions.  I think it helps us with two things: 1. Is God here to make my life comfortable for me and, 2. If there is a God, can I trust Him?  So much of our trauma is because we do not feel safe and nor in control.  We search desperately to feel these.  The question we fail to ask ourselves is “Did I ever really feel safe?” or “Was I really ever in control?”

 Why am I addressing the Spiritual part of our lives?  I believe that we are made up of three separate but very integrated parts of our being.  I feel in order to be a whole person, we need to address all three.  I want to give you my Statement of Faith, and where I have found peace, joy and wholeness.

I believe that God gave us the Bible and it is the infallible and the authoritative Word of God revealing God’s love to the world.  I quote from it because I feel God gave us this book to help us understand Him and to know how to live while here on earth. 

Looking into the Bible in the book called the Letter to the Romans, Chapter 1 and verses 19 thru 21 it states: Translation of the Bible(VOICE)

19 “These people are not ignorant about what can be known of God, because He has shown it to them with great clarity20 From the beginning, creation in its magnificence enlightens us to His nature. Creation itself makes His undying power and divine identity clear, even though they are invisible; and it voids the excuses and ignorant claims of these people 21 because, despite the fact that they knew the one true God, they have failed to show the love, honor, and appreciation due to the One who created them! Instead, their lives are consumed by vain thoughts that poison their foolish hearts”

 We are without excuse when it comes to deciding if there is a God or not.   Why is it so hard to believe in God?  Maybe it is because we don’t want to think about God, because then we take the focus off ourselves.  It is relatively easy to think about my physical body, harder to try to figure out the emotions and what my brain is doing, but that is all about me, and I feel somewhat in control.  When I start thinking of a God; that is way outside my control!  He might require something of me.  What will I do with that?  The funny thing is, when I chose to believe in God, the Father, Jesus Christ, my Savior and the Holy Spirit, who is my Guide, that is when I started feeling I had some control in my life and definitely felt loved.  I didn’t understand everything that God did but that is where the “Faith Rubber” meets the road.  Do I have to understand everything in order to believe, or is this faith; believing in things I don’t see and understand but accept there is a God who is in control?  The Bible in the book of Isaiah, the 55th Chapter, the 9th verse says:  The VOICE 

“My thoughts and My ways are above and beyond you,
        just as heaven is far from your reach here on earth.”

  We see God’s Creation all around us, yet we deny there is a God.  Will I continue to believe that I am my own god, deciding my own destiny or believe in a God of the universe who has bigger plans than my own?  Before believing in God, it really is all about me.  Deciding to believe in God I realize that life isn’t all about me, but rather I choose to believe that there is a God who has a plan for all of life.  I have chosen to follow Him and have known peace. 

Jesus’s message on earth was simple.  “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”.  That is it!!  What is repent?  “Feel or express sincere regret or remorse about one’s wrongdoing or sin.” (Oxford) In the Biblical sense it also represents a 180 degree turning away from the previous wrong way of acting.  Why is this important?  The Bible states that “ALL have sinned (have done wrong) and continually fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23).  In order to have a spiritual life, you will have to recognize that life extends further than just you.  There is another dimension, a spiritual dimension, a God sized hole in every heart that can be filled only by Him.  Until it is filled by Him, you will continue to search for something that is missing.  It starts by recognizing that you don’t do things the way you innately know is right.  You are sinning against the God who created the universe.  You can either repent and change direction towards God or continue doing it your way.  There are consequences with either choice.

Does that mean I have less pain in my chronic conditions?  No…. Does it mean He will heal me from all this?  I believe He could, but by faith, I believe He has a greater plan for my life than my comfort right now.  Maybe the reason is so I start this business and help just one person in their journey with pain and/or chronic illness.  Can I brag and say I do everything right now?  Can I say that I do everything under His leadership in my life?  No, I am still whiny, selfish and get angry, etc... but now I get up and try again.

The other part of the message of Jesus is that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.  This is not a scare tactic, but it is reality.  How many people do you know that make it alive out of this world?  Even though death is not a pleasant thing to think about, it will happen to each one of us!  What then?  A discussion about death takes us to another question; what happens after death?  If you don’t want to think about it, you would say ‘nothing’.  So, our whole reason for being is to be born, work, suffer and die.  (Why?) 

But, if there is a God who has a plan, and that plan includes giving humans the ability to choose what we believe about God, does that decision we make then determine our destinies after death?   I believe it does and this is the biggest decision you will make in life!!!

I don’t understand God’s ways at times.  I question God and ask to understand, but that doesn’t always happen.  One of Oxford’s definition of faith is “strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.”  So faith is not “prove it to me first” it is, “I don’t understand everything about You God, but You ask us to believe in You and trust You and I chose to do that”.

I, the caregiver want to go gently with you in explaining who I think the God of the Bible is.  I truly love Him, and I want everyone else to love Him too.  However, I know there are some people who won’t. There are some hard teachings of the Bible but I can’t just pick and choose the ones I want to believe.  John MacArthur is a teacher who believes in speaking and explaining right from the Word of God.  His organization is called “Grace to You.”   This is where you can view him teaching from the Bible.  He makes no apologies for the Bible, but tells us who the God of the Bible is and what His message to us concerning His “Gospel,” is: (Gospel means: “the good news.”) 

“There is a bluntness in the gospel. The utter absence of ambiguity characterizes the truth. False religion is necessarily and typically ambiguous, the gospel is not. It is blunt, straightforward. The gospel tells the truth with candor, plainly spoken truth that is so straightforward and so unmistakable as to be blatantly offensive.

In fact, the introductory line of the Christian gospel goes like this: Every human being is a sinner. Every human being sins, because every human being possesses a corrupt nature, a wicked disposition. Beyond just that corruption and wicked disposition, all human beings are rebels against God. They have rebelled against God by the willful and constant violation of His holy law, which is a reflection of His holy nature. Consequently, all sinners (wrong doers) are under divine judgment for their rebellion and their violation and their innate corruption. The sentence that comes from God on all mankind is condemnation to eternal punishment in hell. That is the blunt and shocking and stunning truth of the gospel. That’s where it starts……..

The message of the gospel initially is terrifyingly clear and absolutely true. But hastily after that first affirmation there is a second affirmation in the gospel, and it is this: God loves the world, and offers them forgiveness and salvation. And that answers the ……. question: “Is there anything that can be done about my condition?” The answer is yes.

God loves the world. God provides deliverance from sin, from judgment, from death, from hell to those who have faith in His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, the only Savior of the world. There is eternal life in Him, forgiveness, escape from hell, and entrance into the glories of God’s own heaven.” 

To read this whole article you can go to “Grace to You – the Distinguishing Mark of Christianity.”

If you would like more information about God and what it means to become a Christian (Christ follower) here is a good place to go:

So, the two questions I asked in the beginning of this article:

  1. Is God here to make my life comfortable? No, He is not my personal servant to make all my wishes to come true.  He has a greater purpose than I do, and He uses me for His purpose- not the other way around.
  2. Can I trust God? I do with all my life.  Does that make me perfect?  Not by a long shot!!  I am still human and I still do what Carol wants to do.  But I try to do what God wants me to do because He has the ultimate plan!  My life has purpose and meaning even through chronic pain and illness. 

I pray you find God in a real way and have peace in the midst of the chaos of chronic illness and pain.

Thank you for reading this, my friend.



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