Emotional Stress
The Body's a Mess!

Actually, the body is doing just what God designed it to do.  It's getting ready to fight, flight or freeze when we don't feel safe which can be all the time. 

One of our goals is to help you feel safe again.  "The single most important issue for traumatized people is to find a sense of safety in their own bodies." (Dan Siegel) If we don't feel safe, we stay hyper-vigilant and stay in that 'automatic' nervous system, where our bodies are getting us ready to face the danger, even when there is none.    This can lead to irritation of the Vagus Nerve, (Stephen Porges), which can lead to chronic illness and pain. 
This is definitely a Brain-Body connection!  

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Not all chronic illness and pain are caused by trauma.  Carol understands this and addresses other topics besides trauma and chronic illness & pain.  For example, depression that can result from a chronic illness or pain condition. 

This then becomes a Body-Brain connection!

Carol was able to understand the results of the trauma she experienced as a child and also as an adult, how the brain changes in trauma, the resulting stress hormones that are produced,  the inflammation it can cause and the damage that they can do.  This made so much sense to her and explained many things in her personal experience and she wants to share with others what she has found so helpful to her. 

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