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Covid-19 and Aunt Jeanetta

My Tribute to my Aunt Jeanetta

Who Died from the Coronavirus


“I’m sorry to tell you, but your Aunt Jeanetta died yesterday from COVID-19.”  A man, I knew of but didn’t know - gave me this news.  My aunt, my father’s brother’s wife - was there in my life as I was growing up.  She and my Uncle never had children, nor was she very comfortable around children.  She was a career woman.  My uncle loved us dearly, but Aunt Jeanetta made sure you knew that she wasn't comfortable around children.  As a young child, I do not remember visiting them in their home- they always came to ours.  We were probably too messy.  I remember years later when we would visit her with our children, they were never invited inside – she kept our wild crew corralled in her back yard. 

As I became a young adult, and had already become an RN, I was permitted to come inside her house.  I remember this because ...

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