It's None of Your Business What Others Think of You!!

There's a saying that goes “It's none of your business what other people think of you.” I wish I was that smart to make this saying up, but I didn't. I do not know who did…… We're so focused on what other people might think of us - we lose focus on what is important. What truly is important is what does God think of us and what do we think of ourselves?

In February, I was touring a plantation in middle Tennessee with my sister. I have POH (Postural orthostatic hypo-tension)  where my blood pressure drops if I stand still for any length of time.  We were in a group of about 15 people. When the guide offered a chair, I was the first and only one to take her up on her offer of a folding chair. It is hard being the only one sitting, but I knew I would have to leave the tour early if I did not sit down. If I stand too long, I get nauseous and if I continue to stand, I will black out. So I swallow my pride and I ask for a chair and I sit while everyone else is standing, but I am able to go on the tour and see this wonderful old plantation from the 1800s. I have to think of that saying that it's none of my business what other people think of me while I am sitting there and learning history.  Honestly, other than my sister, I knew no one, and will probably never meet them again.  I doubt if they even remember me today!  I doubt they even cared that I was sitting down, but I thought they did. I tried to think what I would feel if someone sat down during a presentation, and I was indifferent. Whatever they needed…….Why am I embarrassed sitting down? I do this every Sunday in church while everyone stands for the Praise part of the service which is around a ½ hour of song and Praise.  I can usually only stand for two songs before starting to get nauseous.

It's not easy having chronic illness and pain, but I know I am a stronger person for it. I do not fit in with the norm, and I'm OK with that. My alternative is to stay home and not see these great places in our American history or other areas of interest or participate in church or other groups.  I know I am not alone, and I also know that you reading this, probably understands me!  I grow stronger in my weaknesses………


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