Carol is coming to you as a mentor, one who walks beside you as she has experienced chronic illness and pain also.  She has been a Registered Nurse since 1976.  She has worked in hospital settings including Med/Surg, ICU/CCU and Infection Control.  She had worked with Hospice, Home Health and Senior Care Facilities.  Carol also has a MA in Christian Counseling and had her own Counseling private practice, as well as a Grief Counseling Ministry.  She recently completed a 9 month course with Bessel van der Kolk titled "2018-2019 Certificate Program in Traumatic Studies."  She has worked with people in pain and has seen a pattern of pain, illness  and trauma.  She wants to share with you what she has learned along her life journey of chronic illness and pain.  Not all Chronic illness and pain is from trauma - but Carol knows that hers is......

Why This Body, Lord?

By Carol Davis
May 2019
Lord, I am so tired living with this body chronic fatigue, chronic pain, chronic pain in the neck. {figuratively and physically} Each day I hope for energy just to get through the day. About 3-4 pm my body screams rest or else….. I rest – fighting through depression fighting the tears of what could have been if only I had the energy. I watch others my age having the energy I had yesterday, when I felt I could tackle the world and take on any task. When pain was just a passing thought, not a constant companion. Where energy was abundant - not just a wishful thought. My future is so uncertain - weird things happen to me. My doctor reminds me “Your body is different than others….” I’m learning about trauma Lord, You know of all the trauma. Science and research says trauma brings illness to the body. Could it be Lord these illnesses are products of trauma not processed? Of trauma I don’t know how to let go of? Could it be Lord, right now this is just where You want me? So I can be still and KNOW that You are God? Is this Lord where You are showing me that You are in control-not me? That health is such an awesome privilege and not a right to be taken advantage of? I have time to contemplate the trauma in my life - both the God made and the man made ones. Ones still hard to process...... You tell us to seek wise counsel and to hide ourselves in You. I want to follow You with all my heart and learn to live with these illnesses. Not just to survive but to thrive. Not just to make it each day - but to live joyfully. And to be so very thankful for the health I do have and the time I have to get closer to You, my Lord.

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