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100 Million People Suffer From Chronic Illness and Chronic Pain

Learn the brain/body connection and the techniques to use to develop your resiliency. You are not alone.


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Coming to you as a one who has experienced chronic illness and pain for over 25 years, I want to encourage and educate others. I can provide the tools you need to live with chronic conditions - including those related to a past or present trauma. You are not alone!!

6 Part Course - A Journey Through Living With Chronic Pain and Illness

Dive deep into trauma by uncovering and defining triggers and how they affect your body. A 6-part video series to guide you towards resilience and understanding.

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"I've absolutely loved the time I've had learning from Carol and all her wisdom regarding trauma and the pain it can cause in one's life. I'm so grateful for a teacher and friend who is willing to share her knowledge as well as her heart with others that are hurting "

Washington State

"Carol's understanding of trauma has helped me see the impact trauma has had in my own life and given me hope for healing in the future."

Sarah P.

"Carol taught us her secret to grief counseling: to give permission to another person or even yourself to experience the pain and suffering of loss, and to simply walk alongside that hurting individual. Carol lives out 2 Corinthians 1:4, comforting those in trouble with the comfort she herself has received from God. Carol demonstrates how you can live a joy-filled life in spite of suffering and trauma and is using her pain for God's glory to encourage others."

Kim C.

"My mentor, Carol has committed herself to helping women embrace self care when suffering from traumatic life experiences, grief and how chronic illness plays a role in the body when suffering from trauma. I have learned to "wet noodle" when an unwanted or unpredicted trigger occurs. With her help, I have naturally and organically improved how my body responds to trauma triggers by utilizing practical breathing techniques rather than staying stuck in fight, flight or freeze reactions. Carol also incorporated Scripture meditation when helping me design a partners safety plan. "

Erin Panfile
New Jersey

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